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The Dune

Act I

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The Saudis have been keeping a close eye on everything. They want to spot the perfect moment to Max Bid on the market, to get the largest payout. To help the Kingdom’s people. Their watch has been kept secret, for all of these years, because people who know they are being monitored tend not to feel safe. But now, when people need them the most, perhaps knowing you have a protector keeping watch over your comings and goings might be beneficial.

But how many do we send? They whisper. How many do we need? They decide on a nice, large number, one that should be able to spread the message quite effectively. 5,555 Saudis are gathered together. They are outfitted in the most expensive, most comfortable gear. They are given headpieces to protect from the sun, and loose, light clothing to cool them in the heat. Night time in the desert can get rough rather quickly, so tents and cots are bundled up in burlap sacks and placed on the camels that will guide them. These Saudis have the trust and love of the entire nation resting on their backs, bringing them up, empowering them to spread the news of the Max Bid. They are shuffled into formation, getting their last hugs, their last gifts, their last farewells from their family members and loved ones.


The desert journey holds many trials, as we venture through there will be Saudis who give up and get lost along the way. As we continue our journey we will make stops along the way and explore the Kingdom!!







A vicious sandstorm hit the Saudi Brigade, and a number of Saudis’ could not hold onto their Shemagh - those affected by the Sandstorm. The Kingdom has a handsome reward waiting for you at our last destination. As we begin our Journey to the Kingdom, remind yourselves, the desert is not a hospitable place and there will be times of test and tribulations, you must STAND and HOLD strong. Let us begin our journey ahead follow us



What lies underneath the sand dune?


To be continued in Act II...

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