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What are they?

They are the Kingdom's reward to those who endure the entire journey. Inside of each crate lies a gift fit for Kings. From the harsh desert to the difficult oil mining, you are now able to spend some of what you've reaped to taste the fruits of your patience and hard labor. Claim your crate, upgrade it, and prepare for your reward.

Crate Tiers

Alhamdulillah we have four crate tiers in total. Each tier has its own probability. The higher the tier, the higher your probability is to getting a more rare reward.

Bronze Crate.png

The Bronze

Uncapped Total Supply

Silver Crate.png

The Silver

2220 Total Supply

Gold Crate.png

The Gold

1110 Total Supply

Diamond Crate.png

The Diamond

555 Total Supply

How it works?

The number of crates per wallet


10%  x  # of Saudis in your wallet


20%  x  # of Saudis in your wallet

For e.g., for the Diamond tier:

10%  x  10 Saudis  =  1 Crate

10%  x  18 Saudis  =  1 Crate

10%  x  20 Saudis  =  2 Crates


30%  x  # of Saudis in your wallet

Note: Every wallet is entitled to a minimum of 1 crate from each tier. Afterward, allowance gets rounded down.

Upgrading your Crate

In order to upgrade you must first claim your bronze crate(s). Once you've claimed your basic crate(s), you can then upgrade to a higher tier. Each crate can only be upgraded once. So choose wisely habibi.

The Kingdom's finest gems — say Mashallah

Diamond Crate.png

Better Crate?

Better believe it.

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