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Saudi Ordinals


The Saudi Ordinals

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For years, rumors circulated about a remote island in the Arabian Sea populated by a community of brutally handsome Bitcoin Maxis. There were murmurs that the max isolation and secrecy of this community was matched only by its max bidding.   


In early February 2023, those rumors were put to rest, when a coalition of Saudis left their stations on the Ethereum blockchain, stepped into their Lambo Motor Yacht (no back wheels) and embarked on a fact-finding mission, visiting scores of islands, archipelagos, reefs and atolls in the hopes of making contact with this mythical culture. 


After weeks of searching, and on the last reserves of Alpine mineral water and gold leaf-flaked Royal Burgers from the Ritz in Jeddah, the Saudis noticed “[A] bright, orange light flickering in the distance,” says Saudis spokesperson, Sheik Zubair. “We thought it was max sus, but we cut the engine on the Lambo and coasted toward the small island…We couldn’t believe what we saw.” 


What Sheik Zubair and the other Saudis saw turned out to be more than just the fabled colony of Bitcoin Maxis. “They were exactly like us in every way,” says Zubair. “In fact, they were us.” Was this a case of mythical doppelgängers? Or some kind of quantum entanglement, a la Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance?”  


The truth, it turned out, was stranger—and more inspiring—than anyone had hoped. These brutally handsome Bitcoin Saudis were exact clones of the Ethereum Saudis in every way but one. “We are Saudis to the bone,” says the other Sheikh Zubair. “The only difference is that we are ordinal Saudis, meaning we’re NFT Saudis that have been inscribed to Bitcoin transactions; people are calling us ‘digital artifacts’ instead of ‘NFTs’, but those are just mediocre attempts at semantic hornswoggling.”


The two identical Saudi communities embraced, then began the very short process of getting to know one another, made easier when introducing yourself to yourself. However, all week, the NFT Saudis and the Ordinal Saudis stayed up max deving, max bidding and speculating on the unimaginable pleasures that would arise with a merger of their two communities. “It was almost like we were reading each other's thoughts,” said both Sheikh Zubairs, in unison. 


Today, the NFT Saudis of the Ethereum blockchain have joined forces with their Bitcoin Ordinal counterparts to assemble a max halal community with 2x the spending power…2x the brutally handsomeness…2x the influence…and infinite, unimaginable pleasures that defy algebraic notation. With the union of these two Saudi communities, we’ve seen numerous press outlets, thought-leaders, politicians, athletes and captains of industry voice their enthusiasm and support:

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