Max Upgraded

Oil Production

We are introducing new mechanics to oil production — Alhamdulillah. The goal is to bring more value to members of the community who are active and engaged.

How it works?


12 Barrels per Day


  • Any Saudi listed below floor price



24 Barrels per Day


  • Every Saudi's default accumulation





36 Barrels per Day

  • 💎 Diamond hand: 60 days or

  • Sold for 2+ ETH or

  • Have any of the following traits:

         Rosewood Pipe​


         VR Glasses

         3D Glasses

Sand Dunes.png

Max Bidding

48 Barrels per Day

  • 💎 MAX Diamond hand: never sold* or

  • Sold for 5+ ETH or

  • Have any of the following traits:

         Gradient Beard


         Laser eye

         Max bidding

Oil Rig.png





*MAX Diamond hand is given to Saudis that were minted, but have never been bought or sold.